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Quote "Coming from a 20+ year career in marketing where I'd made it to the top, and having gone through several sales training programs, I thought my transition into a small business would be relatively straightforward. After all, how hard could sales be? I'd been equipping sales people with marketing tools for years, right? Well, it didn't take long to discover that my understanding of the selling process was outdated, ineffective, and known better by the businesses that I called upon than by me. I was very frustrated with my inability to help businesses by closing sales that would be in their best interest. I met Jeff Schneider at the Portland Business Alliance and became intrigued with the Sandler Selling System. The more I listened to Jeff's descriptions of his system worked and observed how Jeff handled himself, the more convinced I became that this was not just another sales training seminar. I met with Jeff, learned how he could help me, and enrolled in the program. Now into my fourth month with the Sandler Sales Institute's Presidents Club, my confidence and success in sales is really taking off. This is a system that I can fully get behind because there are no gimmicks or tricks to produce sales. Just being honest and working for win-win solutions with my customers. And, this is something that customers find refreshing about working with my magazine business, TRAVELHOST of Greater Portland. I highly recommend that you check out Jeff Schneider and the Sandler Selling System for yourself." Quote

Mike Guess, owner & associate publisher - Travel Host of Portland

Jeff Schneider, Sandler Training Portland Oregon     Jeff Schneider 

Jeff Schneider founded Schneider Training Solutions back in 2006 after a long and successful careeer in sales and sales management in the media industry. Jeff had been a successful seller with newspapers and television stations, and directed the sales departments for TV stations in Spokane, Bend and Sacramento, and finally a group of radio stations in Portland. Jeff describes his motivation for starting the Sandler business this way: "There were things I loved about my career in sales management, and some things I did not particularly care for. The things I really loved were training, coaching and mentoring salespeople, helping them take their game to the next level. That is what I am strongest at, and that is what I get to do all day, every day." Jeff brings his own selling and management experiences, along with the impactful work he has done for hundreds of companies since joining with Sandler, into every new client engagement in order to help them solve the selling challenges they face. "There are very few instances these days that stump me. Most prospects are at first concerned about whether I will be able to understand their industry, their product, their world, because what they do is unique. And they are right. But my work with hundreds of companies in diverse industries has enabled me to quickly find similarities to other companies I have worked with and devise strategies that will solve their toughest problems."

Jeff and his family live just outside the Portland area, where they enjoy hiking, mountain biking, skiing and cheering on the Oregon Ducks football team.