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Schneider Training Solutions, LLC | Portland, OR

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Prospecting Boot Camp

Take the Pressure Out of Prospecting.

This 8-hour seminar is the ideal seminar to help sellers gain the prospecting strategies, skills and confidence they need to consistently develop new business.

Crafting a calling approach unique to your product and industry is the first step to sounding different – and selling differently – than your competition. During this seminar, Sandler Trainer Jeff Schneider will help sellers prioritize prospecting activities (networking, referrals, strategic alliances, cold calls, talks and seminars, LinkedIn, webinars, lunch & learns, targeted mailings, trade shows and more) and build a formula for sales success.


Attendees will learn to:

  • Create an ideal customer profile – your “bull’s eye” – and use it to remain laser focused.
  • Build your customized Prospecting Plan and develop the discipline to execute it .
  • Develop the strategies and skills required to succeed at all of your prospecting activities.
  • Track results and modify the plan for better results.
  • Identify the prospecting activities that should be included in your prospecting plan, and determine how many of each you need to do to reach your goals.
  • Eliminate prospecting activities that don’t generate qualified leads.
  • Turn cold calls into warm calls and get past the gatekeeper.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition with a customized approach.
  • How to use voice mail to initiate a conversation with a prospect.
  • View a “no” as a shortcut to the right customers, not a rejection.
  • Find the customer’s pain and get invited into their office.

Presented By

Jeff Schneider of Sandler Training in Portland