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Sales Process


George was excited about doing his first full-length sales presentation. Getting past the secretary, getting the first appointment and now going back to meet with the committee, this is what sales is all about, he thought. And to make sure that everything went well, Harold, his sales manager was going with him.

Here’s an interesting question for sales professionals: What counts as a “big opportunity” in your world? Think of a specific prospect.

The traffic on the floor had been non-existent since earlier that morning. Bill and the other three salespeople had even given up talking with each other and just sat staring out the window. Not having anything else to do, Bill got up and walked to the door leading out. The other salespeople, alert to this sudden movement, quickly saw that no prospect was in the offing. Then, from out of nowhere, Bill saw someone headed toward the door. Timing is everything, thought Bill.

Believe it or not, your parents were wrong. Money actually does grow on trees.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Just be willing to ask yourself: what kind of tree? And the answer is: a referral tree.

For sales professionals, 2020 may be remembered as the Year of Holding on to Clients.


Tim was getting more and more frustrated with cold calling. For the past three days, no matter what he did, the result was always the same — no one wanted to make an appointment. Thumbing through the index cards one more time, he realized he was on the last one.

Mike Montague interviews Jason Campbell, Host of Impact at Work and Superhumans at Work, a Mindvalley Podcast. Author of Upcoming book on Selling with Love, on How to Succeed at Selling with Love

Elaine’s sales manager, Tom, had an unexpected question for her during their weekly one-on-one coaching session. It sounded like this: “What are you going to do to cut down on your TIOs?”

Almost every salesperson in the world has some method of keeping track of appointments; most often it’s a calendar of sorts. And, while it should come as no surprise, so do most people who make appointments with salespeople. Fortunately, Nick was reminded of this by his prospect.

Mike Montague interviews Anneli Thomson, Sandler trainer and member of Team Great Britain in the triathlon, on How to Succeed at Gold Medal Selling. 


Mike Montague interviews Dr. Mark Goulston, podcaster, speaker, and author of Just Listen, on How to Succeed at Selling More by Listening More.

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