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Schneider Training Solutions, LLC | Portland, OR

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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

Why Sandler? Jeff Schneider explains.

Jeff Schneider of Sandler Training in Portland shares his philosophy of sales and the Sandler approach.

Selling Techniques

Use Upfront Contracts to Control the Sales Conversation

Many selling systems place too much emphasis on closing techniques. Often these techniques come across as cliched, manipulative or overly aggressive. In this video, Jeff Schneider demonstrates how the use of Upfront Contracts allows the Sandler seller to assertively take control of the conversation as a Trusted Advisor.

Selling Psychology

Be an I-10

High-performing sellers are persistent and resilient, even when things are not going their way. They have learned how to separate their role performance from their identity. In this video, Jeff Schneider explains what it means to be an "I-10", and why it is so critical for selling success.

Selling Attitudes and Beliefs

Remain Unattached to the Outcome

Desperate sellers are usually not very successful sellers. Confident sellers want the business, but they do not need it. In this video, Jeff Schneider explains why it is advantageous for sellers to manage their emotions in such a way that they are OK with either Yes or No outcomes.