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Schneider Training Solutions, LLC | Portland, OR

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Schneider Training Solutions, LLC

Sandler Training located in Portland, Oregon

Sales Training, Coaching and Consulting

Jeff Schneider

In 2006, Jeff Schneider founded Schneider Training Solutions, LLC, after a long and successful career in sales and sales management in the media industry. Jeff brings his own selling and management experiences—along with the impactful work he has done for hundreds of companies since joining Sandler—into every new client engagement in order to help them solve the selling challenges they face.
"There are very few instances these days that stump me. Most prospects are at first concerned about whether I will be able to understand their industry, their product, their world, because what they do is unique. And they are right. But my work with hundreds of companies in diverse industries has enabled me to quickly find similarities to other companies I have worked with and devise strategies that will solve their toughest problems." 

Social Selling Made Easy

LinkedIn the Sandler Way

Struggling to efficiently leverage LinkedIn to maximize your sales? Get this FREE 68-page e-book and learn how to efficiently use the world’s largest professional network to find more prospects and increase your sales.

Take your game to the next level

Boot Camps and Seminars

Looking for a way to jump start your sales team's performance? Boost their morale and improve their skills? Find out more about our one- or two-day Boot Camps and Seminars.