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Many sales leaders have a skill gap when it comes to coaching members of the sales team. Bridging that gap requires the courage to address a critical question that often goes unasked: What is coaching, and how is it different from the other activities sales leaders undertake?

What I really need to do, thought Ray looking out his window, which overlooked the parking lot in which he could see three of his fellow salespeople smoking cigarettes, is more prospecting. Look at them out there, at least 15 minutes down the drain. Not me, I’ve got to get involved with some serious prospecting. No more parking lot trips for me.

Whether it’s a mind-blowing mainstage keynote that leaves audiences awakened to purpose, or a riveting concert adventure that goes from Rachmaninoff to Rap, a Jade Simmons experience is unforgettable in the least and life-altering at best.

Have you ever granted a price concession – or made any other compromise to a buyer – because you didn’t want the buyer to think less of you or disapprove of you?

Sandler is excited to announce our commitment to further champion the next evolution of sales.

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